What is Wonyoungism, and Why is it popular?

Wonyoungism is a trend that has recently blowed up in the K-Pop community. The idea is taking good care of yourself, both physically and mentally, in order to become the best version of yourself. This trend has been inspired by Jang Wonyoung, a member of the K-Pop girl group IVE, who is known for her beauty, talent, and confidence.

Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung was born on August 31, 2004, in South Korea. She debuted as a K-Pop idol in 2018 at the age of 14, as a member of the girl group IZ*ONE. She quickly became known for her beauty, talent, and confidence, and has since become a role model for many young people in South Korea and around the world.

More than a trend

Wonyoungism is more than just a trend, it is a lifestyle. It is about taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, and embracing your femininity. This trend promotes the idea that self-care and confidence are the keys to success, and that by taking care of yourself, you can achieve anything.


Skincare is a big part of Wonyoungism. Wonyoung is famous for being an ambassador for the Korean skincare brand Innisfree, so Innisfree products are often featured in videos and articles about Wonyoungism. Many fans of Wonyoungism follow her skincare routine, which includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and using sheet masks.

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Exercise is also important in Wonyoungism. Wonyoung is known for her dance skills, and many fans of Wonyoungism take up dance as a form of exercise. Dancing is not only a fun way to stay active, but it also helps to build confidence and improve posture. Others fans rather follow a pilates workout based on Wonyoung since she does pilates too.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating is another key aspect of Wonyoungism. Wonyoung is a fan of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and many fans of Wonyoungism follow her lead by incorporating more healthy foods into their diets. Eating a balanced diet can help to improve overall health and wellbeing, and can also help to improve skin health.

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What does Song Jia have to do with Wonyoungism?

Song Jia is a popular YouTuber, social media influencer and also known from Solo Inferno season 1 on Netflix. She has been associated with the concept of Wonyoungism. Although Wonyoung the inspiration is behind the trend, many other K-Pop idols and influencers have also embraced the idea of self-care and confidence.

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Song Jia is known for her doll-like features and her positive attitude towards life. Her message of self-care and confidence aligns with the concept of Wonyoungism, which is why she has become a popular figure among fans of the trend.

Overall, Song Jia has become a popular figure among fans of Wonyoungism because of her positive attitude towards life and her message of self-care and confidence. She has become a role model for many young people who are looking to embrace their femininity and become the best version of themselves.


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